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In order to analyze Your online experience, bremittrade.com consists of Cookies. This term refers to a file that is stored on the hard disk that is placed by the server. Such files cannot be used to run malware and viruses on Your device. Cookies are individual information that can only be read by the web server in the domain that created the file. They provide You with a quick access function, in order not to waste time. The purpose of such a file is to inform the web server that You have returned to the page. For example: You have set up the pages of the website, or registered on it, or in order to get the necessary services, a cookie will help the website to restore Your data, the next time you visit the site. Thus, the process of registration and entering personal data, when you return to the site bremittrade.com, previously submitted information is restored. Therefore, you can easily, even after a certain time, use the previously configured Functions on the website of bremittrade.com. You have the option to accept or reject such files. You can also change your browser settings to reject cookies in any case. If you opt-out of such files, there is a possibility that You may not be able to use the full interactive features of the services or partner sites visited by You.

Security of personal data

Personal information, as well as its security is very important to us, so to protect Your data, we support physical, electronic, procedural protection measures. Also, Your personal information is protected by the site from unauthorized intrusion, use and disclosure. The personal data provided by You Is stored by bremittrade.com on computer servers in an environment that is managed and protected from unauthorized access and use by intruders. When transferring personal data, including credit card number, to other partner sites, it is protected by special encryption, it is a Protocol of information protection. Except as set forth in this privacy statement, where we share Your personal information with any third party without Your Express, accurate consent, in all cases where we retain personal information, we will notify You of the recipient or group of recipients of that information. Also, we will inform You in advance if this information will be transferred to a new recipient for the first time. We may disclose aggregate information such as demographic data and statistical analyses to advertisers and supporting partners. Aggregate information may not have Your personal data.


bremittrade.com uses the services of organizations that are engaged in the processing of credit cards, in order to do the manipulation of the Deposit and withdrawal of funds from Your personal account. These organizations do not use Your personal data for other purposes, and do not remember, transmit or store it. Possibility of change of the provided provision. The bremittrade.com website may occasionally change certain provisions of the nondisclosure policy, taking into account the feedback and requests of customers and partner companies. Therefore, bremittrade.com advises You to periodically review the regulations to be aware of the changes and to know all about the possibility of disclosure of personal data.

Возможность изменения предоставленного положения.

Сайт bremittrade.com может иногда менять некоторые пункты положения о неразглашении, учитывая отзывы и просьбы клиентов и партнёрских компаний. Поэтому bremittrade.com советует Вам периодически пересматривать положение, чтоб быть в курсе изменений и знать все о возможности разглашения личных данных.

Consent and unsubscribe

If You for some reason want to unsubscribe from the promotional mailing, You have the right to do so, you can unsubscribe according to the algorithm specified in all messages. You will be informed when a third party collects Your personal data, if it is not our data collection agent, so that You can decide whether to disclose your personal data to that party.

Access to personal data

If your data has changed, You can inform us by e-mail, or contact us by phone, mail, Fax.


Your comments relating to this provision on confidentiality, bremittrade.com welcomes. If You believe that the site violates the terms of this provision, You can notify us through the `Contact us` page, or `Request a call back`.


By reviewing the information provided to me, I consent to the processing of my personal information as specified in this privacy statement.

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